Processing a ConsumerLink Pro Order

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From the Recent Orders window in ConsumerLink Pro, you can quickly review new orders, capture payment, and enter shipping information--all in one location! You can also email customers directly, create notes about an order, and review order information.


  • Orders that cannot be filled can be canceled.
  • To find specific completed orders, use ConsumerLink Pro's search feature. (Click here for more information.)
  • To return to the legacy view of orders, click Go to Recent Orders - Legacy. (Click here for legacy instructions.)

To process new orders:

  1. New orders can be identified by the Receive Order button.
  2. Before receiving the order, use the indicator on the left-hand side of the order to identify potential issues. 
    • Red indicates warning signs of fraud.
    • Yellow indicates potential issues.
    • Green indicates that no special attention is required.
      Additionally, the notification box at the bottom of the order will provide a description of the concern. Click the box to view more details. (Click here for more information about order alerts.)
  3. Click the Show More button to add notes or view additional order details (including order contents and the billing and shipping addresses). (Click here for more information)
  4. After resolving any issues, click the Receive Order button to process the order. The order will now display a status of Order Received and your buyer will automatically be notified that you have seen their order.
  5. Click the Capture Payment button if it displays. The payment status will change to Payment Captured PayPal.
  6. Complete the order. This process will vary based on the delivery method.
    • Local Pickup: 
      1. If the buyer will pickup the order, click Local Pickup Ready. 
    • Shipment Order:
      1. Click Ship Order.
      2. Complete the shipment details. 
      3. Click Ship Order.
  7. The completed order will no longer display in the Recent Orders window. You can locate it using the Search Orders button. (Click here for more information.)
  8.  Your buyer will receive an email notification that the order will be shipped or is ready for pickup. 


Show More Details:

Use the features on the Recent Orders window to view additional details about an order.

  1. Order Notes: Notes can only be seen by your dealership. Click the More Notes button to navigate to the complete note history. (Click here for more information about managing notes.)
  2. Email Customer: To email the customer, type your message and click Send. Click the Email History button to open the legacy email window, which displays the full email history and offers additional email features. (Click here for more information about managing emails.)
  3. Customer Information: View the customer details, including both the shipping and the billing addresses. Click on either address to open another browser tab and navigate to a Google Map of the location.
  4. Order Contents: Review the Order Contents, including the order line items. 2019-08-13_15-52-43.png
    • Click the blue caret (2019-08-13_15-57-34.png) to view part details.
    • Click the pencil to add or delete parts in the legacy parts window.
  5. Order Details: Click the Order Details button to open a new browser window and access more information about the order.
  6. Print: Click Print Invoice button or the Print Order button to open your browser print window and print the invoice.

Processing a ConsumerLink Pro Order (Legacy View)

To process orders using the legacy view...

  1. New orders arrive on the ConsumerLink Overview window with a Status of Payment Confirmed. Click Details to open the order.
  2. The Order Summary window will display details of the order, including billing and customer details. Review and update this information as needed.
  3. ConsumerLink provides on-screen alerts, notifying you of potential issues with or risks to filling the order. (Click here for more information on order alerts.) These can be found in two places:
    • At the top of the order:
    • In the Fraud Prevention section of the Order Summary:
  4. Click Receive Order. The Order Status will change to Received. Your customer will also be notified that you have received the order. 
  5. Click the Order Contents button to view the list of parts ordered. 
  6. Review the list of parts on the order and verify you can fill parts listed. (Click Print Order to print a copy.) 3888_proorder6_3425.jpg
    • Use the Add Product section to add parts to the order if needed.
  7. ConsumerLink offers two different tools to help your dealership and its customers stay informed about the progress of an order:
    • Use Email Correspondence to ask your customers questions about the order. (Click here or more information.) 
    • Use Notes to store internal information about an order which will display on the ConsumerLink Overview. Notes can onlybe seen by your dealership. (Click here for more information.)
  8. Once you have confirmed part availability, click Billing Details.  
  9. If your payment has not been processed, click Capture from the Action column. (Capture will not display if the payment has already been processed.)
  10. Click Order Details
  11. Click Ship Order.
  12. Enter the Shipping Information for the order:
    • Select the shipping provider. Select Local Pick Up if the buyer will pick up the order from your dealership.
    • If available, type the Tracking Number in the provided box.
  13. Click Ship Order. Your buyer will receive an email notification that the order will be shipped or is ready for pickup.

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