Adding Pricing Formulas in RepairLink

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Repair facilities get tremendous value from seeing the accurate prices for parts. This can be easily calculated if the pricing formulas used by your dealership are set up and assigned to the shop’s account. Note: Shops cannot change pricing, only dealers can change pricing.

The following pricing formulas can be applied:

  • Matrix Pricing (U.S. Only): Matrix pricing formulas help maintain your dealership's overall profit margins for select manufacturers. These pricing "escalators" can be used to add specific dollar or percentage increases to the list price for a part. (Click here for more information on adding matrix pricing.)
  • Default Pricing Formula: If a shop does not have a specific pricing formula assigned, or when a new trading partner is added in the Trading Partner Configuration, your default pricing formula is automatically applied to an order. (Click here for more information on setting the default pricing formula.)
  • Trading Partner Formulas: Create formulas based on List, Cost, or Trade and apply the formula to specific shops. (Click here for more information on creating trading partner formulas.)

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To add a new pricing formula:

  1. From the RepairLink tab, click Application Setup.
  2. Click Modify Pricing Formulas.
  3. Select Modify Pricing Formulas from the I want to drop-down.
  4. Click Add Formula to create new pricing formulas that can be applied to a trading partner or manufacturer.
  5. Type the Name for the new pricing formula.
  6. Type the Description for the new formula.
  7. Select the Field to be used.
    • Trade pricing only applies to the following manufacturers:
      • Audi (Canada)
      • Chrysler (U.S./Canada)
      • Ford (Canada)
      • GM (U.S./Canada)
      • INFINITI (Canada)
      • Nissan (Canada)
      • Toyota (U.S./Canada)
      • Volkswagen (Canada)
    • The Fleet, National Fleet, and Major Fleet options are available to Navistar dealers.
  8. Select the Operation (plus or minus).
  9. Type the percentage Rate to be applied. (Pricing formulas can have up to two decimal places.)
  10. Click Add. The new pricing can now be selected from the Trading Partner Configuration.
  11. Click Save to save the new pricing formula.

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