PSXLink: Using the Estimate Uploader Metrics Report

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Use the Estimate Uploader report to see where shops have identified you as a preferred dealer. Drill down into the data to see how many estimates these shops have written, their CollisionLink transactions, and if the Estimate Uploader is installed and used. 

This report is especially helpful for OEMs with MyPriceLink (MPL). In these cases, you can review the entire estimate in MyPriceLink if the Estimate Uploader is enabled, allowing for more opportunity for conquesting. (Learn more about Determining Which MyPriceLink Quote to Select.)


  • The estimates count is not specific to an OEM, but a count of all estimates written by the shop. 
  • CollisionLink transactions show the previous calendar month activity and include PartsTrader activity. PartsTrader orders will not show in estimate count.

To view your Estimate Uploader report: 

  1. Choose Estimate Uploader Metrics from the Dashboards drop-down.
  2. Information is displayed by OEM. If your dealership services multiple manufacturers, use the Select Manufacturer drop-down to switch.
  3. If desired, use the ShopName and ShopCity drop-downs in the left side panel to narrow the information displayed.
  4. The reports will automatically update based on the selections made. Click the Clear Selections button to reset the drop-down. (This will display when you move your mouse over the data field.)
  5. The following high level details of your business will display: 
    • # CL Transactions Last Month
    • # Estimates written by Shop Last Month
    • # Preferred Shops
    • # Shops with Estimate Uploader Enabled
  6. Beneath that, the following reports will display: 
    • CL Transactions vs Estimates: A comparison of all CollisionLink transactions and all estimates that took place during the last month. 
    • Top 5 Shops by CL TransactionCount: Allows you to track your top 5 shops, determined by the number of CollisionLink transactions placed.
    • Shop Performance (only includes shops where you are the preferred dealer): A breakdown of the shops that currently list your dealership as their preferred location. 
      • Note: Refer to the Estimate Uploader Enabled and Estimate Uploader Last Accessed columns to see if the shop has installed (column shows True) and used the uploader. If needed, use the scroll bar to view these columns. 
  7. Additionally, you can use the graph options to:
    • Hover over a data point to view it details.
    • Clicking on a customer within the Shop Performance report will display that customer's information in the graphs. (Click the customer name again to view all customer data.)
    • Click the Focus mode (6905_uploader4.jpg) button to enlarge a specific graph. (Click Back to Report to redisplay all graphs.)  
    • Click the More options (6905_uploader5.jpg) button to:    
      • Change the sort option for a graph.  
      • Export (Export data) the summarized (data that displays in the graph) or underlying data into Excel or CSV format. (Underlying data can only be exported in Excel format.) 
      • View the data breakdown (Show Data) for the graph.  
      • Spotlight a single graph on the window.

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