Managing OEM Manager Preferences in PSXLink (Administrators Only)

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OEM Manager Preferences allow dealerships to relate their internal parts OEM designations (OEM Type) to PSXLink’s summarized OEM categories (brands).

OEM and OEM Type are found throughout PSXLink, including within segments results, reporting, and the Wholesale Summary dashboard. For example:

  • Once a dealer or dealership group is selected from the Dealerships list or tree, the Wholesale Summary is immediately displayed and contains the Sales Mix by Brand MTD chart. This chart displays sales by PSXLink summarized OEMs, as well as dealer OEM designations, which remain unlinked to a brand. 
  • With only one dealership selected, click the Segments menu and select Segment Report. On the report results grid, select OEM from the Segments drop-down selection. All linked invoices are summarized via the assigned PSXLink OEM category, while unlinked sales are summarized as Unassigned.

To modify this behavior and link unassigned sales to a brand, utilize OEM Manager Preferences.

To set OEM Manager Preferences:

  1. Select one dealership from the PSXLink sidebar.
  2. Click Preferences and then select OEM Manager.
  3. The OEM MANAGER preference panel displays with three columns:
    1. OEM Type Categories: The list of available brands. 
    2. Selections: Codes that already been assigned to the selected brand.
    3. All OEM Types: The unique list of OEM codes found among all dealer’s invoices that can be assigned to a brand. 
  4. Codes that are already linked will display in red. (Unlinked codes display in black.) Hover over a linked code to see the name of the linked category. 
  5. To link a code to a category:
    1. Click the desired entry in the OEM Type Categories column.
    2. The second column will now reflect the selection you made in the OEM Type Categories column.
    3. Click on an option from the ALL OEM Types column and drag it to the middle column. 
    4. The option will be added to the middle column and will show as linked (in red) in the All OEM Types column.
    5. Repeat this process as needed to add additional codes.


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