Creating a New Sales Prospect in PSXLink

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Sales prospects can be created for those with PSXLink Standard or PSXLink Professional accounts. 

To create a new sales prospect: 

  1. Choose Prospects from the Customers drop-down menu.
  2. Click New Prospect.
  3. A form will appear in the bottom section of the window. Click and drag the 6772_CreateProspect4.jpg icon upward to enlarge the section and view all fields.
  4. In the first column, type the Acct # in the provided fields. Click the magnifying glass icon to verify the account number is available. 
  5. Fill in the remaining provided fields.
    Options include: 
    • Name
    • Contact
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • ZIP
    • Phone
    • FAX 
    • Email
  6. In the second column fill in the provided fields:
    Options include: 
    • Method
    • Distance
    • # Techs
    • # Bays
    • OEM Usage %
    • Goal
    • Potential
  7. In the third column, choose from the provided drop-down menus as appropriate:
    Options include: 
    • Prospect Status
    • Type (Collision, Fleet, Mechanical, etc.)
    • In PMA (Yes or No)
    • Acct Rep
    • Brand
  8. In the fourth column, choose from the provided drop-down menus. The selections in the drop-down menus will vary based on Preferences.  
    Options include: 
    • Collision Link
    • Enterprise
    • Main Distribution Center
    • OPS
    • Parts Trader
    • Repair Link
    • Routes
  9. When ready, click Save.

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