Creating a Customized Data Grid View in PSXLink

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Data grids can be customized to display any columns you wish to see and in any particular order. The process to create a custom data grid is the same for each dashboard; however, they do not overlap (e.g. you will need to create a custom view for viewing Activity Reports and another for viewing Active Clients and so on).

There are four data grids within PSXLink: 

  1. Segment Reports (Found under the Segments drop-down menu)
  2. Active Clients (Found under the Customers drop-down menu)
  3. Prospects (Found under the Customers drop-down menu)
  4. Activity Reports (Found under the Reporting drop-down menu)


  • Views are specific for each segment in Segment Reports, so the View options are different for different segments and users.
  • Depending on the report, views created by other users will be available from the Dealership Views option.

To customize the data grid from any report:

  1. Click Views and choose Save As.
  2. Give the grid a Title and click Save.
  3. Click Columns.
  4. Check the boxes of the columns you wish to see.
  5. The columns will appear in the order listed, top to bottom, left to right. To change the order, click the 6774_CustomDataGrid5.jpg icon and drag the item where you wish in the order.
  6. As columns are added or removed, click and drag the column separator to adjust the column width as desired.
  7. When ready, click Views and choose Save to save your changes.
  8. At any point, you can revert to the default view by clicking View and choosing Reset to PSX Default.

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