PSXLink: Using the Wholesale Summary Dashboard

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The Wholesale Summary dashboard provides an overview of sales and orders within your dealership. It is divided into five sections. 


The layout of the dashboard can be customized to fit your dealership's needs. Within each table or chart, use the following icons to adjust them: 

6737_WholesaleSummary13.jpg Use this icon to move the table or chart to a new location on the dashboard. 
6737_WholesaleSummary14.jpg Use this icon to enlarge or reduce a table or chart to take up more or less space on the dashboard. 
6737_WholesaleSummary15.jpg This icon is only available for charts. Click it to open the chart in a pop-up window for a closer look. 


Main Menu

This top menu provides four options: 

  • The drop-down allows you to choose a specific month in a given year to analyze sales and orders. 
  • The refresh icon allows you to refresh the page and include any new sales in the analysis. 
  • The PDF button allows you to print the data within the dashboard. 
  • The Email button allows you to email the data within the dashboard to other members of your dealership. 

Performance Metrics

This section displays your current Month to Date (MTD) and Year to Date (YTD) data. 

Data includes: 

  • Goal
  • Net Sales
  • Cost
  • Gross $
  • GP %
  • Return $
  • Return Rate
  • Orders
  • Avg Order
  • Orders per Day

Sales Mix

These pie charts represent your sales mix by account type (CollisionMechanicalFleetInternetOther DealerInternal, etc.) and by vehicle brand and only look at the Month to Date (MTD). They can be customized to meet the needs of your dealership and what you offer. 

Sales vs. Goal

In this section, you can set sales goals by month and/or year and monitor your progress through visual status bars. 

Data provided includes: 

  • Percent of goal attained
  • Dollar amounts of goal attained
  • Full goal amount

Sales Trends

There are three bar charts provided to analyze sales and orders. For each chart, you can hover over the bars to view specific sales amounts. 

  • Year Over Year Sales Trend: Compares the previous 12 months to the current 12 months in sales. 
    • Click on a month's bar to break out that month's sales by day.
  • Sales by Day of the Week: Compares the last 90 days of sales to the last 12 months of sales specifically by the days of the week. 
  • Orders by Day of the Week: Compares the last 90 days of orders to the last 12 months of orders specifically by the days of the week. 

Top 5 Charts

There are four tables provided:

  • Top 5 Wholesale Accounts MTD: Provides a monthly breakdown of your top 5 customer accounts, showing orders and net and gross sales. 
  • Top 5 Wholesale Accounts YTD: Provides a look at your top 5 customer accounts over the year, showing orders and net and gross sales. 
  • Top 5 Salespeople: Lists your top 5 salespeople with their MTD and YTD sales totals.
  • Wholesale Account Profile Summary: Lists the number of customer accounts by account type (MechanicalCollision, etc.)

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