Tracking Your DeliverNow On-Demand Delivery

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Starting March 29, 2021, we are starting a phased roll-out of DeliverNow to RepairLink dealers. All RepairLink dealers in coverage areas will be activated by May 1, 2021. All other OEC users will have access to use DeliveNow by the end of the second quarter. Have questions or want to learn more? Visit

You can quickly and easily view the progress of your on-demand delivery from any of the following OEC solutions:

Onscreen notifications are also displayed for both the dealer and buyer throughout the different stages of the on-demand delivery process.

To view progress from DeliverNow:

  1. From the DeliverNow tab, you can view your on-demand delivery details. Note: You may need to modify your view to find a specific transaction.
    Those include:
    1. Type. On-demand delivery selection (e.g. Lyft, Lyft XL, Uber).
    2. Route Times. 
      1. Will display the planned estimate time of the pickup from your dealership and delivery to your customer.
      2. Once picked up and delivered, DeliverNow will display the actual time of pickup and delivery.
      3. On-demand delivery details. Including customer name and phone number, order details, and person who booked the on-demand delivery. Note: Alerts may appear under the on-demand delivery details if there are any expected delays, issues, or cancellations.
      4. Driver. Driver name and photo.
  2. Hover over the on-demand delivery line and click on the arrow to view trip details.
  3. If needed, you can cancel the on-demand delivery.

To view progress from RepairLink:

A DeliverNow order will display the DeliverNow icon (DeliverNowIcon.jpg) in the Status column.

  1. Tracking information can be found on the DeliverNow tab.

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