Modifying Your View of the RepairLink Overview

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RepairLink allows users to quickly modify their view on the Overview window in two ways: 

  1. Use the Modify View filter to control how many transactions appear. Show Latest 250 will display by default. To modify the number of transactions...
  2. Use the Filter Transactions option to display specific transaction statuses on the Overview. By default, all transactions are shown on the Overview window. To filter transactions by Status...

These options will ensure you have access to specific transactions that need updated or help you stay on top of new quotes and orders arriving at your dealership! Note: You cannot change the default option for these views. 

Are you missing transactions on the Overview window? Check the following:

  1. If there are more than 250 transactions, does the transaction's Last Modified Date place the transaction within the allotted number displayed? 
  2. Is the transaction's Status different than what is selected to display on the Overview?

Note: Archived transactions will be available for 12 months after archiving and are then permanently deleted. (Click here for more information on viewing archived transactions.)

To modify the number of transactions appearing in the Overview:

  1. Select the number of transactions to show from the Modify View drop-down. The following options are available:
    1. Show latest 250
    2. Show latest 500
    3. Show latest 750
    4. Show latest 1000
    5. Show All
  2. The Overview will refresh automatically and display the relevant transactions (based on Last Modified Date). 

To filter transactions by Status:

  1. Click the Filter Transactions drop-down from the menu. The following options are available:
    1. All
    2. New
    3. Pending
    4. Opened
    5. Working On
    6. Responded To Buyer
    7. Submitted For Reimbursement
    8. Completed
    9. Canceled
    10. Backorder Pending
  2. The Overview will refresh, and only transactions with the chosen status will be visible. 
  3. To view all transactions again, choose All from the Filter Transactions drop-down. 

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