Updating Contact Information in ConsumerLink Pro

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You may need to update the contact information on your ConsumerLink pro website, such as to the phone number or email address. Note: Some contact information (Zip Code and State) must not be changed, as it is used for your Google AdSense account verification, sales, or shipping rate calculations.

To amend your ConsumerLink Pro contact information:

  1. From the ConsumerLink tab, click ConsumerLink Setup.
  2. Your ConsumerLink Pro contact information will display. Make any desired changes to the available fields.
    • The State and Postal Code fields must not be changed.
    • This contact information is displayed on your main ConsumerLink Pro website and across the top of all subsequent pages.
    • Ensure the dealer and the parts managers approve of any changes made to this information.

    • Phone Number: The phone number that will be displayed on the website for customers.
    • Sales Email Address: The email address that will be displayed on the website for customers.
    • Address/City/State/Country: The physical address used in shipping calculations for both the your and your customer
    • Postal Code: The postal code used in Google AdSense account verification and in the Shipping Rate Calculation.
    • Latitude/Longitude: The location data used to provide Google Map geographical location for dealership identification.
    • Send Email Order Confirmation To: The email address that will RECEIVE all notifications for new orders from the website.
    • Send Email Order Confirmation From: The email address that appears on all emails sent from the website to the dealer's customer.
  3. Click Save Values when complete.

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