ConsumerLink Pro: Charging Additional Payments to Buyers

KB Article #5645

In some instances, you may need to apply a second charge to an invoice that a customer has already paid, such as for extra shipping charges for an exceptionally large item. Note: Your PayPal account will first need to be set up to allow multiple payments per transaction. (Click here for more information.)

To apply a secondary charge to a transaction:

  1. From the ConsumerLink tab, click ConsumerLink Setup.
  2. Click Search Orders. Note: You will need to search for the order to charge an additional payment, as orders disappear from the Recent Orders window once they have been completed or paid.
  3. Adjust the search criteria to help find the order you need.
  4. Click Search Orders.
  5. Locate the order your wish to collect additional payments on and click the Order button associated with it.
  6. Click Billing Details.
  7. Type the desired amount you would like to apply for the secondary charge in the Charges section.
  8. Type a note explaining the purpose of the additional charge in the Custom Message section.
  9. Click Preview Transaction to review the charge before sending.
  10. Click Send Invoice to send the charge to the customer through PayPal.
    • Your customer will need to click the link in the word "here" in order to see the invoice.
    • This charge will appear (both to your customer and on your PayPal statement) as a completely separate charge.

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