Committing to a ConsumerLink Basic Pickup Order

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Customer orders can be processed and ready for customer pickup in minutes with ConsumerLink. Note: ConsumerLink orders cannot be archived or deleted from the Overview window.

To commit to a pickup order:

  1. New orders arrive on the ConsumerLink Overview window. Double click on the order to process.
  2. From the Order Details window, you can Commit to the orders that you wish to fill or Cancel orders that you are unable to process. Note: The Contact the buyer to complete payment. Funds will not be collected automatically upon committing to the order message will display if you need to collect payment from another source (through PayPal or directly from the Buyer). If you allow buyers to make offline or PayPal payments, ConsumerLink will not collect funds.
  3. Details of the parts ordered display in the Response to Buyer section. If a part is not in stock at your dealership, the Locate link can be used to locate the part from another dealer (You must have an active D2DLink subscription to use this feature.)
  4. Review the order cost and the Delivery method at the bottom of the Order Details window. Note: Sales tax will not be calculated for pickup orders.
  5. If a customer uses a promotion, it will be reflected in the order's details.
  6. If a customer has included a note, it can be viewed by clicking the Note link. Type your new note in the box provided and click Add Note to respond. An email will automatically be sent to your customer.
  7. Click on the Photo link to view the illustrations. ConsumerLink automatically includes part illustrations with every order, helping you ensure the right part is ordered the first time.
  8. When you are ready to fill the order, simply click Commit.
  9. Type the pickup details in the Shipping Information window and click OK. Pickup information is emailed to the buyer, letting them know when the part will be ready.
  10. For ConsumerLink Basic subscribers:
    The Order Status will change to Complete – Paid, indicating you have successfully completed the order.
    For ConsumerLink Legacy subscribers:
    • The Order Status will change to Complete -- Pending Payment.
    • Click Collect Payment once you have committed to the order. This will transfer the funds from the buyer to your bank account. You have 29 days to collect payment. Funds will not transfer if the time expires.
    • The Order Status will change to Complete – Paid, indicating you have successfully completed the order.

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