ConsumerLink Basic Overview Window

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All ConsumerLink transactions will display on the Overview window. To view the ConsumerLink Overview, click the ConsumerLink tab.


You can use Search to quickly locate orders by vehicle, buyer, vehicle description, etc.

To search for an order:

  1. From the Overview window, type your transaction search criteria in the Search box.
  2. Click Search. All orders containing that information will display.
  3. Click Clear Search to redisplay all transactions on the Overview.


Allows you to print up the details of the transaction.


Add notes to an order using the Attach feature.


Use Refresh to see the latest order information on the Overview.

Modify View

Allows you to select which orders display on the Overview, based on date or number of transactions. The following options are available:

  • Show last 30 days transactions
  • Show last 31-60 days transactions
  • Show last 61-90 days transactions
  • Show last 91-120 days transactions

Use the Show All option to view all orders.

Filter Transactions

The Filter Transactions drop-down allows you to view only transactions with a specific status on the Overview window.

Show Trans ID/Hide Trans ID

Displays or hides the unique ID OEC assigns to each order

The following details about each order display on the Overview:

Transaction #

The unique ID OEC assigns to each order. (Use the Show/Hide Trans ID feature to display this column, which is hidden by default.)


Shows the current status level of the order. This will automatically update, depending on actions taken on the Order Details window.


Shows whether a promotional discount was applied to the order. If the buyer used a discount coupon an icon discount.jpg will display under the Discounts column.

Vehicle Description

The year, make, and model of the vehicle needing parts. 


Indicates notes or illustrations are included with the order. The1538green_dot.jpgicon will display when there are notes or photos that you have not viewed.


The buyer that submitted the order. 

Last Modified

The last date and time the order was modified and changes were saved.

Latest Memo

Use the memo field to enter notes to yourself or co-workers who may work your orders. If a new memo is added, the previous entry is permanently deleted.


ConsumerLink Order Status Definitions:

Dealer Status  Appears when... Buyer Status  Notes
New The buyer submits the order. Pending Processing An order confirmation email is sent to the buyer.
Opened The dealer opens the order. Processing  
Working On The dealer saves the order after opening. Processing  
Complete - Pending Payment The dealer commits to the order. Complete An email is sent to the buyer confirming the order. The email will include shipment tracking information or order pickup times, depending on the shipping option.
Complete - Paid The dealer collects payment. Complete  

The order is canceled while in a Status of New, Opened, or Working On.

Note: Dealers can cancel an order while it is in a Status of Opened or Working On. The buyer can cancel the order while it still has the Status of New.

Canceled An order cancellation email is sent to the buyer.

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