ConsumerLink (Legacy): Setting Up a PayPal Standard Account

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To use ConsumerLink, you will need to:

  • Create a PayPal Standard account to receive and send money from ConsumerLink to your bank account. Note: ConsumerLink does not work with any other payment vendors/merchants.
  • After creating your account, ConsumerLink API must be granted access to your PayPal account to ensure that PayPal and ConsumerLink are synced up. The syncing allows you to process orders as well as collect or refund funds.
  • Configure PayPal to automatically calculate the correct sales tax on your orders.

Please follow the directions below in its entirety to create and set up your PayPal Standard account.

Creating a PayPal Standard Account:

  1. Using your Internet browser, go to
  2. Click Sign Up.
  3. Click the Business Account option.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Click the Select Standard button for the Standard solution.
  6. Type your e-mail address in the field provided.
  7. Type the CAPTCHA code that displays in the field provided.
  8. Click Next.
  9. To create your login, type a password in the Password and the Re-enter password fields. (Passwords must be at least eight characters and contain one number or symbol.)
  10. Type your Legal first name and Legal last name in the fields provided.
  11. Type the Legal business name of your dealership in the provided field.
  12. Type your Business phone in the field provided.
  13. Type the Street address of your business in the field provided.
  14. Type the ZIP code of the business in the field provided. Note: Once you type in your zip code, the city and state will automatically display.
  15. Click the links to review the PayPal User AgreementPrivacy PolicyAcceptable Use Policy and the Electronic Communications Policy. If you agree with the terms in these, click Agree and Continue.
  16. Use the What type of business is it? to select the dealership company type.
  17. Select Vehicle service and accessories from the What business category is it in? drop-down.
  18. Select New parts and supplies - motor vehicle from the What sub-category is it in? drop-down.
  19. Use the Estimate your monthly sales drop-down to select you average monthly sales.
  20. If applicable, type your Employee ID Number in the field provided.
  21. If you have a business website, type the address in the field provided. If you do not have one, click the No option.
  22. Click Continue.
  23. To verify your identity, type the last four digits of your Social Security Number and your Date of birth in the fields provided. (This is used by PayPal to verify a user identity and prevent fraud.)
  24. Type your Home street address and Zip code in the fields provided.
  25. Click Submit.
  26. The How do you want to get paid window will display. Click the I'll do this later option at the bottom of the page to continue. (This is not needed for ConsumerLink.)

Granting ConsumerLink API Access to Your PayPal Account:

Once a PayPal Standard account is created, go through the additional setup step below to ensure that your PayPal account is synced with your ConsumerLink account. The syncing allows you to process orders as well as collect or refund funds.

  1. Click the Profile options icon.
  2. Click Profile and settings.
  3. Click on My selling tools.
  4. From the Selling online section, click the Update link for API access. Note: If the API access is not available, the account may be a personal PayPal account rather than a Standard PayPal Business account. 
  5. Click on the Grant API permission link under Option 1.
  6.  Type the following in the Third Party Permission Username field:
  7. Click Lookup.
  8. Check all the boxes under Available Permissions.
  9. Click Add.
  10. If successful, a confirmation message will display. PayPal is now configured for ConsumerLink.

Configure PayPal to Automatically Calculate the Correct Sales Tax

Next, you will need to configure PayPal to automatically calculate the correct sales tax on your orders. (Click here to learn more.)

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