Updating a ConsumerLink Basic Dealer Profile

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Use the Dealer Profile section of ConsumerLink to display your Parts Department information on your ConsumerLink site and to activate your site once your ConsumerLink account is configured.   Note: ConsumerLink Setup options can only be accessed by the ConsumerLink Administrator.  

To update your dealer profile:      

  1. From the ConsumerLink tab, click ConsumerLink Setup.    
  2. Click the I want to: drop-down and select Update Dealer Profile.
  3. Select your OEM from the OEM drop-down.  
  4. Click OK to display the dealer profile configuration fields.    
  5. Use the Click here to copy your URL feature of the ConsumerLink Page Settings to copy your ConsumerLink storefront URL. This link can then be used to establish an integrated storefront on your existing website or to redirect a standalone website dedicated to your parts business.Use this link to establish an integrated storefront on your existing website or to redirect a standalone website dedicated to your parts business. Note: You will also need this URL if creating a PayPal Payments Pro account. Click Preview Page to see how your site will look when it is live.
  6. Click the Yes option under Active when your site has been completely set up.
  7. The Parts Page URL can be used to direct customers to the final URL for your storefront. Dealers who are adding a ConsumerLink storefront to their existing site via iFrame can take advantage of this field to direct customers to that specific location.     
    • If using PayPal Standard, your customers will be directed back to this page. (After completing payment, a "Thank You for Your Purchase" page will display. This page will feature the link you type into this field.)  
    • If no URL is added to this field, your customers will be directed to www.consumerlink.oeconnection.com/your URL.  
    • The Parts Page URL is also important because it will be used in emails sent to your customers.  
  8. Fill in the Company Address with your parts department address:  
    • Address 1 (required)  
    • Address 2  
    • City (required)  
    • State (required)  
    • Zip Code (required) Note: To ensure you are getting the most exact tax calculation, ConsumerLink users should ensure that their setup contains the expanded zip code, also called "Zip+4".
  9. Click the Browse button to locate and upload your Dealership Logo. This logo will be displayed on both the open and sponsored sites. Images should be less than or equal to 256 kilobytes (KB) in size. The acceptable image formats are jpeg, jpg, gif, and png.
  10. Type Parts Department Contact Numbers in the fields provided:
    • Business Phone (required)  
    • Business Fax  
    • Business Email (Customers will be able to click this link to send you an email.)
  11. Type your parts department availability for each day of the week in the Store Hours section. Example: For Monday, a user can enter “8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.” or “Closed".
    • The hours will be displayed on the storefront only if they have been entered.  
    • If you leave this section blank, then no hours will be displayed on the storefront side.  
    • If you enter your store hours for only one day, then all seven days will be displayed on the storefront side. (Days where you do not enter hours will show as -- on your storefront.)    
  12. Once you have entered your profile information, click Save.  

Information that is configured in the Dealer Profile window will display on your storefront in the following locations:

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