Managing Your Users in OEC

KB Article #2026

Administrators can use the Manage Users feature to quickly create and edit user credentials for counterpersons or reset passwords. 

Note: The Navistar SSO bypasses OEC user management functions entirely. Navistar dealers do not have user management features in OEC. Adding or deleting users, changing passwords, or performing any other changes within proxy has no impact on user accounts. User details in My Information will be visible, but cannot be modified except for DMS Counter Person ID, Mobile, and Fax.  All other information is furnished by the synchronization with the Navistar SSO.

Click the links below to learn more about managing users:

Additionally, administrators can assign one of their salespeople to serve as a Power User for CollisionLink or RepairLink orders. The selected user will be able to see all orders (regardless of salesperson) on the Overview, but will not be able to access the administrator functions of the solution. Note: Only one user can be set as the CollisionLink or RepairLink Power User.

Click here for more information on adding a CollisionLink Power User. 
Click here for more information on adding a RepairLink Power User.

Once you have created a user's account, they can use the Forgot Credentials feature to retrieve their Username or Password on their own. (Click here to learn more about using the Forgot Credentials features.) If the user is unable to reset their password, the administrator can reset the password for them. (Click here to learn more about resetting a user's password.)

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