Processing a Navistar Order in RepairLink

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A Navistar parts order received in RepairLink can be processed within minutes. Be sure to keep these items in mind when processing your orders:

  • Only move parts to the Response To Buyer section if you plan to fulfill them.
  • Order information can be saved at anytime by clicking Save.
  • You cannot make any changes to the order once you have clicked Submit/Commit.

The part pricing that displays within a RepairLink Navistar order is adjusted based on the following: (Click the links to learn more about configuring specific price adjustments.)

  • First, RepairLink applies the Trading Partner discount.
  • Second, if Gross Profit Protection is enabled, RepairLink will verify the discounted price does not fall below the Gross Profit Protection threshold. If it does, the Trading Partner discount is removed.
  • Finally, if a part qualifies for a Navistar-funded program, the discount is applied to the part. Discounts are applied even if the discount causes the part cost to fall below the Gross Profit Protection threshold.

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Step 1: Locate New Orders on the Overview

New part orders display on the RepairLink Overview.

  1. If applicable, check the Salesperson column to see if you are the primary salesperson or a backup salesperson on the order. If the primary salesperson is not in the office, the backup can complete the order.
  2. If the buyer has sent a note along with the order, click the Note link to view. The Notes feature can be used to provide additional delivery information to buyers. Reply back immediately to let the buyer know you saw their request by typing your note and clicking Add Note. Click the X to return to the Overview.
  3. Click on the Photo link (4819_RLM_photo1.png_5329.jpg) to view part illustrations sent by the buyer. Illustrations are a big help in identifying the correct part the first time, decreasing returns and improving customer satisfaction. Click the X to return to the Overview.
  4. Double-click the order to view Order Details. 

Step 2: Verify Requested Parts

Review all ordered parts that display in the Buyer Request section. Note: If you receive an order from a new buyer, a pop-up window will display. Click Proceed to open the Add Trading Partner Configuration window and assign a pricing formula to the buyer.

  1. A program icon (4819_2018_rlupdate19_5331.jpg) will display if a part qualifies for a Navistar parts program. Click the icon to display the program information. Note: The icon indicates the buyer has already received the discount.
  2. When a requested part number has possible alternates, click inside Revised Part # box to view and select an alternate part. (Click Additional Info to access parts information and descriptions of alternate parts.)
    Parts can be corrected by typing the part number in the Revised Part # box.
  3. The Delivery option selected by your buyer. Note: This may only be edited in Response to Buyer.
  4. If a part qualifies for a Navistar program, the reimbursement amount will display in the Reimb $ column.
  5. The Net Buyer Cost column displays the discounted price that the buyer pays for the part.
  6. When parts have been verified, click the 4819_2018_rlupdate20_5334.jpg to add a part to the order or use the 4819_2018_rlupdate29_5335.jpg to add all parts. Added parts drop to the Response to Buyer section.
  7. Once all the parts that you want to fulfill have been added to the Response to Buyer section, you are ready to finalize your order. Note: If a new part number entered is not found, the Part Not Found window will display. Enter the OE List price, the Dealer Cost, and a Description of the part to proceed. Click OK and the information entered will display in the Response To Buyer section.


Step 3: Finalize the Order

All parts selected for fulfillment display in the Response To Buyer section which allows you to confirm the quantity and price. Parts can be removed from your response at any time by clicking the minus button. Avail Date and Time of Day are required to complete an order.

  1. If you need to include additional parts on the order, click Add Part. Type the part number and click OK. The new part will display in the Response to Buyer section.
  2. If there is a part that cannot be invoiced or quoted, select the applicable status from the Status drop-down box, letting the buyer know why this part can't be invoiced immediately.
  3. Review your Delivery option and change as necessary after confirming with your buyer. (Learn more about reviewing or updating the Order Delivery option.)
  4. If any of the net buyer costs need to be changed because they don't qualify for a typical discount, click inside the box and type the new price.
  5. To assign the same invoice number to all parts, click Invoice # at the top of the column and type the invoice number into the box.
    To assign the invoice number to a single part, click the invoice number box for that line item and type the number for that part.
  6. To assign the available date to all invoiced parts, click Avail Date and select the date from the calendar. (The date cannot be earlier than the current date.)
    To assign an available date to a single part, click on the date box for that line item and select the date from the calendar.
  7. To assign the same estimated delivery time to all invoiced parts, click Time of Day, select the time (AM or PM) from the drop-down box.
    To assign an estimated delivery time to a single part, click the Time of Day box for that line item and then select the time (AM or PM) from the drop-down box.
  8. If needed, update the Taxes/Fees for the order.
    1. Rates up to three decimal places can be added. Example: A value of 6.975% can be used without the system rounding to 6.98%
  9. When you are ready to finalize the order, click Submit/Commit. The order has now been completed and your order-fulfillment information has been sent to the buyer. (Orders that are sent back to the buyer will be automatically archived.)

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