Processing ConsumerLink Basic Returns

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ConsumerLink allows you to easily record parts that were returned by a buyer. Returns can be processed against transactions that have a Status of Complete-Paid.

Note: Parts that have been returned previously will be grayed out. 1743_print2_609.jpg

To process your return:

  1. Search the ConsumerLink Overview for the returned part’s transaction. Once you have located the correct order, double click to view its details.
  2. Click Process Returns.
  3. The Process Returns window will open. Type the Credit Memo #.
  4. Type any additional Notes you may have.
  5. Place a check beside the parts that were returned.
  6. Verify the Qty Ret.
  7. Select a Reason for the return. (Core Return, Visible damage, Manufacturing defect, Packaging defect, Wrong part shipped, Part Catalog Error, Customer Ordered in Error)
  8. If you are finished with the return, place a check in the Finalize your Return box. Note: You can reopen the return to finalize at any time.
  9. Click OK.
  10. From the Order Information window, note the RMA Number.
  11. Review the summary of charges. This provides a breakdown of the part cost and taxes for the returned item.
  12. Under Return Credit, type the Return Amount that you want to credit back to the customer--accounting for restocking fees, shipping costs, etc.   
  13. Click Accept to generate the refund. This will automatically sync the refund to your PayPal Manager account. Note: You can also issue a refund directly through your PayPal Manager account. (Click here for additional information from PayPal on issuing a refund.)

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