Adding On-Demand Delivery to a RepairLink Order

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With the integration of DeliverNow, you are now able to meet the parts needs of your RepairLink buyers through on-demand delivery. 

Delivery options in RepairLink have now expanded to include ASAP requests. Get your customer's parts orders out the door quickly! 

Remember to Submit/Commit your RepairLink transaction!

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To add on-demand delivery to a RepairLink order:

  1. From the RepairLink Overview window, open the buyer's order.
  2. Within the order details, locate the buyer's selected Delivery option in the Buyer Request section.  (Learn more about reviewing delivery options or changing the delivery option.)
  3. When you have verified the part request(s) and the parts are dropped to the Response to Buyer section, review and change the Delivery option as needed after confirming with your buyer.
    1. To select ASAP for all parts on the order, click Delivery option at the top of the column and click OK.
    2. To select ASAP as a delivery option for individual parts, use the drop-down within the part line to select ASAP from the Delivery option column.
  4. Click Use DeliverNow to schedule your on-demand delivery.
    1. Once on-demand delivery has been scheduled for the transaction, you will not be able to click the Use DeliverNow button again. Hovering over Use DeliverNow will display This order has an existing delivery. Please use the DeliverNow tab to book a new trip. (Learn more about tracking your DeliverNow on-demand deliveries.)
  5. All parts from the transaction will be displayed. Check Select All Parts to quickly select all parts, or check the box next to the part line(s) that will be set up with DeliverNow. 
  6. Click Continue to proceed.
  7. Your on-demand delivery pickup location will display.
    Note: Your pickup location cannot be changed from this page. Please contact your OEC Administrator if the pickup location needs updated prior to submitting your request. (Learn more about updating your DeliverNow pickup location.)
  8. Review the PARTS RECIPIENT information and update as needed.
    1. Click each box to verify the buyer details on the order, including:
      • FIRST NAME
      • LAST NAME
        Note: Entering a mobile number allows your buyer to receive text notifications for the delivery. If a landline number is used, the buyer will not be able to receive text notifications about the delivery.
      • REFERENCE NUMBER. Requests through RepairLink will default with the RepairLink transaction number.
      • DROPOFF LOCATION. The buyer's address will be prepopulated from RepairLink. If needed, this can be updated by clicking in the text box and typing it in.
  9. Once the DROPOFF LOCATION has been verified, the on-demand delivery route will display.
  10. DeliverNow will automatically select the quickest provider for the delivery and will display a price and estimated delivery time. Note: Prices may change every 60 seconds if a trip is not booked.
  11. Type in any additional information or driver instructions in DRIVER NOTES. By default, the note will automatically include Please come inside. This cannot be edited/removed.
  12. Check the on-demand delivery service provider's weight limit acknowledgment and terms of use.
  13. Click BOOK.
    • If you are unable to click BOOK, click in the MOBILE PHONE field to validate the phone number. Once validated, proceed with clicking BOOK.
    • If you entered a landline in the Mobile Phone box, a warning message will display. Click Continue to proceed without sending notifications to the buyer.
  14. The RepairLink transaction will display. Before closing, click Submit/Commit.
  15. You can continue to track the status of the on-demand delivery from the DeliverNow tab. (Learn more about tracking your on-demand delivery.) 

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